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You are accessing the site of the innovative Danish company Mikunis.Net.
Our architecture services within the area of information technology and systems
are available on request at the very competitive prices!
Our contact details are:

Mikunis.Net/v Osip Mikunis
Forchhammersvej 1, 3.
1920 Frederiksberg C
Telefon: +(45) 3022 5687
Email: osip@mikunis.net
CVR/SE-nummer 29 28 37 96

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Download Russian keyboard layout for Windows Vista/7 x86/x64/i64. This is a so called "Student" or phonetic layout where Russian letters are placed on the Latin keys. The special about this layout is that it is suitable for use with the Danish keyboard. I've included the KLC project source file for use with the Microsoft Keyboard Creator

Mini How-to: OpenBSD to Cisco VPN

Best regards,
Your Mikunis.Net team